Hawthorn Woods Family Law Lawyer

To illustrate our philosophy at Wiejaczka Law, P.C., we ask clients, "Why let a stranger in a black robe make decisions for your family?" A major focus of our family law firm is to put decision-making power back into your hands.

Successful In Court And At The Negotiating Table

We offer assistance with all family law issues — including divorce, child custody, child support, division of property — while encouraging our clients to describe the life they want to live so that we can work together to achieve that outcome.

We empower you in conventional litigation by listening intently to what you tell us. We want to know what is vitally important to you — custody, visitation rights, keeping your home — because that creates flexibility on issues that are less crucial to you.

Equally Successful In Court, Mediation and Collaborative Practice Approach

Besides doing courtroom litigation, we are enthusiastic about divorce mediation and the collaborative practice approach to divorce. These alternative approaches to resolving disagreements change the entire tone of the divorce process — from the intimidating environment of the courtroom to a more relaxed attitude of "let's get this done."

Child Custody Attorney For Wauconda, Lake Barrington And Chicago's Northwest Suburbs

You will find our firm is competent in our knowledge of the law and confident in our ability to help you. We accept payment by credit card and are available in our Hawthorn Woods offices from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Call us — we want to know more about your situation.

Are you looking for a kinder, gentler way to divorce? In the courtroom or the mediation room, Wiejaczka Law, P.C., near Wauconda, Illinois, offers user-friendly solutions to difficult family conflicts. Call the Hawthorn Woods family law attorney at Wiejaczka Law at 847-305-2032, or write us using this online form.